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    Stories — Sustainable Luxury

    Ricardo Bofill's La Fábrica

    If you love architecture, chances are you’ve come across the iconic “La Fábrica” more than once. The image of the stunning, levelled living room with high ceilings and tall, narrow windows draped in white evokes a feeling of serenity and timeless beauty. But while this particular image is so popular, not many people have had the chance to explore the repurposed factory’s history or the other rooms and gardens that are a part of it’s splendour.

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    Five Luxury Eco-Resorts You Absolutely Must Visit

    Luxury eco-resorts have become increasingly popular in the last decade as a perfect retreat for nature lovers. Whether they are seeking relaxation or adventure. If you are looking for hands-on experience with the world’s astounding beauty, but still want to contribute to ecological sustainability, check out these five luxury resorts that are created in harmony with their local environment.

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